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Pita was the first bread we baked and it continues to be our top-selling product. The distinctive, authentic taste is unforgettable. Find out why our pita bread is so heavenly

There's a place in your deli case, buffet line, shelf space, or menu for Neomonde's delicious pastries. See the wide range of delectable pastries from our pastry bakery

Artisan Breads
It takes devotion and imagination to design artisan breads, but the reward is beautiful, fragrant, and wholesome loaves fresh from the hearth. Learn more about our line of fresh-baked artisan breads

"European" Varieties
We've spent 30 years perfecting our line of products. From baguettes to bagels, from boules to buns, Neomonde really delivers! Discover our expansive line of French, German, and Italian loaf breads and rolls

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