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We Cater the Best Mediterranean Cuisine
Throughout North Carolina's Triangle area, we cater special occasions and corporate events. Delicious dishes from Neomonde convey style and good taste. Call us to cater your special event if you live in:
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Durham, NC
  • Chapel Hill, NC
An order of $150 or more, placed 24 hours in advance, can be delivered. A fee will be based on delivery destination. Please call for details.

Appetizers Platters See all Starters

Price/per item Qty.

Neomonde Mezza Platter

Taste a variety of our Middle Eastern delicacies including baba ghanouj, vegetarian grape leaves, tabouli, hummus and mixed olives.  Served with artisan pita bread.  
$35.00/Appetizers - Small (8-12 Servings)
$60.00/Appetizers - Large (16-20 Servings)

Mediterranean Cheese Platter

An elegant array of our delicious Mediterranean cheeses including feta, Armenian twisted cheese, Bulgarian kashkaval and Syrian cheese; garnished with mixed olives.
$45.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$75.00/Large (20-25 Servings)

Crudite Platter

A colorful harvest of carrots, celery, cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash and red pepper; Served with labneh for dipping.
$30.00/Small (8-12 Servings)
$50.00/Large (16-20 Servings)

Fruit Platter

A beautiful arrangement of the season's best, including grapes, strawberries, pineapple, melons and oranges.
$30.00/Small (8-12 Servings)
$50.00/Large (16-20 Servings)

Middle Eastern Pickles & Olives

A sampling of traditional Mediterranean favorites including  Lebanese pickles, kalamata olives, green olives, pickled turnips, carrots, and cauliflower.
$25.00/20-25 Servings

Dips & Chips

Choose from these creamy dips; served with fresh baked pita chips.  

Available with artisan baked pita bread upon request
$20.00/Hummus (Small)
$35.00/Hummus (Large)
$25.00/Tatziki (Small)
$40.00/Tatziki (Large)
$25.00/Baba Ghanouj (Small)
$40.00/Baba Ghanouj (Large)

Super Bowl Hummus (NEW!)

This Super Bowl favorite is here to stay!  Our homemade hummus is layered high with black beans, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and served with our fresh baked pita chips.

*Available with artisan baked pita bread upon request
$30.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$45.00/Large (20-25 Servings)
Neomonde Favorites
Specialty Platters See all Neomonde Favorites

Price/per item Qty.

Falafel Platter

Crispy chickpea fritters made with a blend of garlic, herbs and spices.  Served with our signature lemon tahini sauce and artisan baked pita bread.
$30.00/Small (20 Pieces)
$50.00/Large (40 Pieces)

Vegetarian Grape Leaves Platter

A beautiful arrangement of our hand rolled grape leaves from the vine; stuffed with rice, tomatoes, and spices and served with labneh for dipping.
$40.00/Small (35 Pieces)
$70.00/Large (65 Pieces)

Kibbeh Platter

Our delicious baked kibbeh made from finely ground lean beef, cracked wheat, minced onions and spices; Cut into bite-size pieces and accompanied with labneh.  
$35.00/Small (25 Pieces)
$60.00/Large (55 Pieces)

Vegetarian Lasagna

Our famous "pasta free" lasagna made with layers of hearty vegetables including roasted eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, onion, garlic and topped with our three cheese blend.
$60.00/Small - Half Pan (12 pieces)
$120.00/Large - Full Pan (24 pieces)

Hearth Oven Pie Platter

A delicious array of our traditional Lebanese pies sliced in small wedges.  Our pies are made with our own pita dough, freshly topped and baked in our fire hearth oven to create delicious "pizza-like" pies.  Assortment includes Garlic Chicken, Savory Beef, Feta Spinach, Three Cheese, Tomato Olive, and Zaatar & Labneh.
$30.00/Small (8-12 Servings)
$50.00/Large (16-20 Servings)
From The Grill
For the Meat Lovers! See all grilled meat offerings

Price/per item Qty.


For the meat lovers!  Choose from a variety of our charbroiled, marinated kabobs served on a bed of grilled onions and tomatoes.
$50.00/Chicken- Sm (12 Kabobs)
$90.00/Chicken- Lg (24 Kabobs)
$50.00/Beef- Sm (12 Kabobs)
$90.00/Beef- Lg (24 Kabobs)
$50.00/Kafta- Sm (12 Kabobs)
$90.00/Kafta- Lg (24 Kabobs)
$70.00/Lamb - Sm (12 Kabobs)
$130.00/Lamb- Lg (24 Kabobs)


A generous portion of our thinly sliced meats seasoned in spices and grilled just right!  Served with our signature tahini sauce and artisan baked pita.

Seared tender strips of chicken in a yogurt marinade, cooked on the flat grill with fresh diced tomato, Lebanese pickles, garlic sauce and garnished with parsley.  

Beef & Lamb
Sizzling strips of beef & lamb sauteed with fresh diced tomatoes, onions and Lebanese pickles.
$45.00/Chicken - Sm (8-12 Servings)
$75.00/Chicken - Lg (16-20 Servings)
$45.00/Beef & Lamb - Sm (8-12 Servings)
$75.00/Beef & Lamb -Lg (16-20 Servings)
Artisan Wraps & Signature Sandwiches
Sandwich Platters and Signature Boxed Lunches See all wraps & sandwiches

Price/per item Qty.

Pita Wraps Platter (NEW!)

Wraps galore! Choose one of the following or a combination of our signature wraps perfect for any occasion:
•Beef & Lamb Shawarma • Chicken Shawarma • Falafel • Grilled Veggie • Mediterranean Chicken (No mayo) • Tuna (No mayo)
$65.00/8-12 Servings

Deli Sandwich Platter

Choose from our made-fresh sandwiches. Ham, roast beef and turkey paired with cheeses and served on our artisan sliced loaves.  Garnished with romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Mustard and mayonnaise available upon request. 
$75.00/10-15 Servings

Signature Boxed Lunches

Choose from our made-fresh pita pocket sandwiches accompanies by two salad/side selections & baklava.

Sandwiches (Choose 1):
Falafel • Turkey • Roast beef  • Ham • Chicken Salad • Tuna Salad • Hummus

Sides/Salads (Choose 2):
Hummus • Fatoush • Cabbage Salad • Orzo Salad • Potato Salad • Black Bean Salad • Chickpea Salad • Fruit Salad
$10.99/per person
Fresh Salad Bowls & Hot Sides See all the fresh salads and sides we offer for catering customers

Price/per item Qty.


Our award-winning hummus is made from chickpeas, tahini, just-squeezed lemon, garlic, and spices.  Served with your choice of pita chips or sliced pita
$20.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$35.00/Large (20-25 Servings)

Baba Ghanouj

We blend eggplant, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and spices into a creamy, delicious dip. Served with your choice of pita chips or sliced pita.
$25.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$40.00/Large (20-25 Servings)


A tangy dip of yogurt, cucumber chunks, garlic, and mint. Served with your choice of pita chips or sliced pita.
$25.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$40.00/Large (20-25 Servings)

Black Bean Salad

Black beans, chickpeas, diced red and green peppers, parsley, cilantro, jalapenos, green onion, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and spices.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Lebanese Cabbage Salad

finely sliced green cabbage, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.
$20.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$35.00/Large (16-20 servings)


A delicious mixture of couscous, chickpeas, tomatoes, mint, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice and spices.
$20.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$35.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Chickpea Salad

Whole chickpeas, scallions, olives, parsley, vinegar, olive oil and spices.
$20.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$35.00/Large (16-20 servings)


Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, parsley, onions, olive oil and spices.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Fava Bean Salad

A vegetarian favorite, our fava bean salad is packed with lots of protein—and great taste! It's a wholesome mixture of fava beans, chickpeas, parsley, scallions, lemon juice, olive oil and spices.

$20.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$35.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Fruit Salad

Our delicious mixture of seasonal fruits.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

House Salad

Fresh chopped greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, feta cheese and our homemade house dressing.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Kale Salad

Kale, golden raisins, green apples, red pepper, walnuts, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and spices.
$25.00/Small (feeds 8-12)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Orzo Salad

Orzo, grilled vegetables, fresh basil, feta cheese and herbs.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Pomegranate Salad

Mixed greens, walnuts, strawberries and feta cheese drizzled with freshly made pomegranate dressing.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Potato Salad

Hearty potatoes, chopped scallions, green pepper, parsley, mint, lemon juice, olive oil and spices.
$20.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$35.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Signature Chicken Salad

Chopped chicken breast with celery, golden raisins, walnuts, light mayonnaise, parsley and spices.
$30.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$45.00/Large (16-20 servings)


Minced Italian parsley, chopped tomato, cracked wheat, cucumber and onions, tossed in olive oil, lemon juice and spices.
$25.00/Small (8-12 servings)
$40.00/Large (16-20 servings)

Cabbage Delight

Chopped cabbage, spinach, onion and green pepper sauteed with cracked wheat and spices.
$20.00/Small (10 servings)
$35.00/Large (20 servings)


Rice and hearty lentils cooked together and topped with caramelized onions. Served hot.
$20.00/Small (10 servings)
$35.00/Large (20 servings)

Mediterranean Rice

Rice and vermicelli cooked in vegetable broth, seasoned with salt and pepper
$20.00/Small (10 servings)
$35.00/Large (20 servings)

Eggplant Ratatouille

Roasted eggplant, onion, green pepper, garlic and spices cooked together in a tomato broth
$25.00/Small (10 servings)
$40.00/Large (20 servings)

Roasted Vegetables

Yellow squash, zucchini, yellow onion, red and green peppers, carrots and spices.
$25.00/Small (10 servings)
$40.00/Large (20 servings)
Neomonde Baked Pita
Gluten-Free Pita available!  See pita offerings

Price/per item Qty.

Baked Pita Chips

Our fresh baked pita chips are a wonderful addition to any meal. 
$5.99/10-15 Servings
Gourmet Sweets
Dessert Party Platters See desserts

Price/per item Qty.

Baklava Platter

Assortment Mediterranean pastries made with layers of fillo dough, nuts, and syrup; baked to a golden brown and cut into bite size pieces.
$30.00/Small (10-15 Servings)
$45.00/Large (20-25 Servings)

Cookies & Brownies Platter

An assortment of freshly-baked cookies and fudge brownies cut into bite size pieces.
$30.00/Small (8-12 Servings)
$45.00/Large (16-20 Servings)

Breakfast Pastry Platter

Fresh baked assorted muffins and breakfast loaves sliced into bite size pieces.
$30.00/Small (8-12 Servings)
$45.00/Large (16-20 Servings)
Iced Tea and more Click here to see beverage offerings

Price/per item Qty.

Canned Soda (Pepsi Products)

Assortment of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist

Iced Tea

Available in sweet & unsweet iced tea
$9.00/gallon (Sweet)
$9.00/gallon (Unsweet)


In a portable, disposable dispenser.  Creamer, sugar, cups and stirrers included.
$19.99/Serves 10

Bottled Water

Bread Assortments
Specialty Bread Assortment

Based on the other items you're selecting for your special event, we'll assemble a large platter of sliced breads.
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