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The artisan bakers at Neomonde rely on centuries-old process and traditional ingredients to create wonderful artisan breads. Each tasty loaf is special because it's honest, handmade, and unique.

We creatively blend flour, water, yeast, and salt, the most basic of ingredients to create a variety of memorable breads. In our flavored breads, you'll find ingredients like olives, nuts and seeds, cheese, and garlic. We can also design a signature bread, taking complimentary flavors and textures and blending them with our craftsmanship and skill.

Approximately 300 wholesale customers institutions, distributors, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, and supermarkets count on us for our:
  • Natural products made from only the finest ingredients
  • Consistently classic bread flavor, rich with aroma
  • Hand-crafted, stone-hearth baking method
  • Slow-rise process, every loaf is given time to age so that flavors can ripen
  • Outstanding table bread, delicious enough to "stand on its own" or, like a great wine, compliment and complete a meal
Contact us, and you could have fresh loaves of Neomonde bread on your trucks, delivered to your stores, or in your dining room within days. Let's get started.

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