One whiff of the desserts from our bakery can be known to ease the mind and tingle the senses. One bite can do even more. Rich in flavor and known the leave the mouth watering, few can say no to a sweet after-meal treat.

Looking for fresh-baked brownies (with or without icing), or cupcakes with a number of colored icing options? We have you covered! Let us take care of your after meal snack. Also, we offer specialized decorative treats for holidays.

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Brownies, Chocolate

1/2 Sheet, available with or without icing

Cup Cakes, Red Velvet

12/package, Cream Cheese Frosting

Cup Cakes

12/package, Chocolate or Vanilla, Frosted or Unfrosted

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Neomonde Desserts

We work with you meet your unique needs, concerns, and demands, fine-tuning your order to eliminate waste and reducing shortages.


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Cupcakes by Neomonde Bakery