For Distributors

Not only can we offer you the unique, quality breads that we’ve been baking for generations, we offer them in quantity and variety as well.

Our breads are available in more than 400 SKUs ranging in shapes, sizes from whole grain to multigrain and everything in between. Need a specialty bread or have a desire for our artisan loaves? Our staff of experienced bakers can handle your order with the care like they were baking for their own family.

Why Distributors Trust Neomonde


Neomonde Bakery bread packaged and ready to be shipped out.

You can order in bulk and package to suit your needs.

Fresh rolls coming off the belt at Neomonde Bakery

Neomonde is priced to protect your profit margin.

Loading up the delivery truck with fresh baked Neomonde Bakery breads and pastries.

You’re able to place large orders from full truck load to LTL.

What’s it Like
Working With Neomonde

We work with you to meet your unique needs, concerns, and demands, fine-tuning your order to eliminate waste and reduce shortages.

Baked Daily


Every day Neomonde bakes more than 45,000 pieces of bread.

“For all its changes, Neomonde retains the same family-run friendliness that has won it so many fans over the years. The devotion to freshness and quality of ingredients is as obvious as ever.”

Greg Cox, Staff Writer, News & Observer