For Hotels & Restaurants

Whether it’s black tie or blue jeans, hotels & restaurants everywhere turn to Neomonde to get wholesale baked goods with the level of quality and craft like it was baked fresh from home.

No matter the size or demand of your business, we’re ready for it. We’re on top of current culinary trends and our attentive, relationship-driven customer care supported by our immaculate product line is proof.

Why Hotels & Restaurants Trust Neomonde


Fresh baked Neomonde Bakery baguettes

Priced so you can make a profit.

Subs by Neomonde Bakery

Consistent textures, appearance, and portion size.

Prepping the dough to get sized and cut at Neomonde Bakery

Fresh bread, baked daily.

What’s it Like
Working With Neomonde

We work with you to meet your unique needs, concerns, and demands, fine-tuning your order to eliminate waste and reduce shortages.

“Proudly serving north carolina for over forty years”

“For all its changes, Neomonde retains the same family-run friendliness that has won it so many fans over the years. The devotion to freshness and quality of ingredients is as obvious as ever.”

Greg Cox, Staff Writer, News & Observer