The perfect beginning and end to your favorite sandwich, our subs will make add a new level of flavor to your sandwiches.

Neomonde subs hold a rich flavor combined with a natural, aged-dough aroma. Made with premium, quality ingredients, our subs form a thin crispy crust and airy center when heated.

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Subs, Telera


Subs, 6"

White or Wheat, 12/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, 7"

White, 10/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, 8"

White or Wheat, 8/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, 10"

White or Wheat, 6/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, 12"

White or Wheat 6/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, 24"

White 6/package, Unsliced

Subs, Italian

12", 6/package, Unsliced; 8", 8/package, Sliced or Unsliced

Subs, Cuban

24", 5/package, Unsliced

Why Customers Choose

Neomonde Subs

We work with you meet your unique needs, concerns, and demands, fine-tuning your order to eliminate waste and reducing shortages.

  • Expertly baked to exceed expectations
  • Crafted for hot and cold sandwiches, without breaking.
  • Freshness and quality guaranteed

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Subs by Neomonde Bakery