Prepping the dough to get sized and cut at Neomonde Bakery

Process & Capabilities

Baked by our traditions.
Shared with yours.

No matter the scale, let Neomonde Bakery serve you.

Centuries-old Processes

The artisan bakers at Neomonde rely on centuries-old process and traditional ingredients to create a spread of products that the smell alone would win you over. Each tasty loaf, pastry, and pita is special because of our traditional baking techniques, passed down by master baker/owner Joe Saleh.

“For Neomonde, baking isn’t just a profession, it’s a lifestyle, it’s who we are.”(Joe Saleh)

With great care and dedication we combine flour, water, yeast, and salt, the most basic of ingredients to create a variety of memorable breads. Adding more complex flavors and methods in for other varieties with our craftsmanship and skill means you get a range of products, covering all your bead needs.

Who We Serve

We know our customers first hand because we’ve been serving them for over 40 years like they were part of our family.

“For all its changes, Neomonde retains the same family-run friendliness that has won it so many fans over the years. The devotion to freshness and quality of ingredients is as obvious as ever.”

The News & Observer | The N&O

Greg Cox, Staff Writer, News & Observer