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Did you know that Neomonde, originally a Lebanese bakery, is now also a German bakery, a French bakery, and an Italian bakery? That's right! From baguettes to bagels, from boules to buns, Neomonde really delivers.

With our expansive line of European-variety breads, you're sure to find just the right product for your operation.

Need a thick-crusted dinner roll full of fresh grain flavor for your buffet line? Need a moist but durable sub roll or Kaiser roll with the perfect hinge for your deli counter? Need a sliced sandwich bread that pairs with everything from egg salad to turkey and Swiss? Talk to us; we can help.

We've spent 30 years perfecting our line of products. As customers tell us what they need, we go back to the bakery to rework, redesign, and refine. Today, approximately 300 wholesale customers institutions, distributors, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, and supermarkets turn to us for:
  • Versatile loaf breads that hold up well and taste great
  • A wide selection of breadover 200 varieties in all
  • Usable breads that are easy to handle and work how you need them to
  • Shelf-life that helps reduce your waste
  • Shaped breads like ciabatta, foccacia, boule, breadsticks, and hala twists
  • Flavored breads like cinnamon/raisin, pumperknickel/rye, tomato/herb, and dill
Contact us, and you could have fresh loaves of Neomonde bread on your trucks, delivered to your stores, or in your dining room within days. Let's get started.

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