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Like everything else we create in the Neomonde bakery, our pastries are high-quality products that are priced right, handle well, look great, and taste even better. With a large variety from which to choose and a shelf-life that reduces food cost and waste, Neomonde pastries make good business sense especially when you consider the fact that you can easily add a pastry order onto your existing bread order for next-day delivery within our local distribution area.

While nothing compliments morning coffee quite like a delectable pastry, our line of delicate, hand-crafted delights are perfect at any time of day! In fact, our Neobars are an ideal grab-and-go treat. Our unbelievably moist and flavorful muffins available in numerous varieties are tasty enough to be stand-alone desserts. And our buttery Parisian-style croissants, when sliced, double as a delectable, light sandwich bread.

The Neomonde bakery is proud to present:
  • Muffins and breakfast loaves tastes just as great on "day 7" as it does on "day 1"
  • Neobars tastes like a "guilty indulgence" but with the goodness of fruit and nuts
  • Brownies fresh and moist, with rich chocolate flavor
  • Cinnamon rolls delightful cinnamony taste with sticky-sweet icing
  • Danish and croissants texture reigns supreme with these European pastries
Whether you're an institution, a distributor, a hotel or restaurant, a retail shop or supermarket, there's a place in your deli case, buffet line, shelf space, or menu for Neomonde's delicious pastries. Contact us to place your order.

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